The only place where you can attend a cosplay themed gangbang!

Explore your fantasies with women in costumes

Amazing price, amazing fun!

What do you get?

🔞 Unlimited Cosplay Fun for Hours!

😈 Relaxed, Fun and Friendly Atmosphere!

👱🏻‍♀️ We limit the amount of men, so a much better ratio than most parties!

🤩 Meets are usually way more expensive and you’re getting multiple girls!

🙌🏻 Cheeky Games!

🍆 Food & Drink!

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Beach Babes Gangbang 29th May 2022Walthamstow

Our Bikini Gangbang Party! GB + Bukkake – Book now! ☀️

Party Dates & Times

Beach Babes Gangbang
29th May

1pm – 2:30pm

3.30pm – 5pm

£90 x1 party

£160 x2 parties

Princess Zelda Gangbang




£50 x1 party

£90 x2 parties

£130 x3 party

(8 men max)

To book a party, email or fill out the form below. Deposit only. Once you have filled out the form/emailed we will give payment options.


  1. 18+ only (no shocks there)
  2. Condoms are worn at all times unless one of the girls specifically gives you permission to take it off #ConsentBitches
  3. No means no – we have a strict policy of no bad behaviour from party attendees
  4. Women MUST be dressed in cosplay 😉
  5. Men can either wear cosplay or their birthday suit!
  6. NO drugs on the premises
  7. Anyone intoxicated will be asked to leave
  8. No refunds if: 1. you cannot attend 2. If 1 or 2 girls cancel and we can’t replace last min 3. If we ask you to leave because of antisocial behaviour
  9. Have FUN! We want this to be the best gangbang party in the UK! Happy f*cking!



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29th May – Beach Party


Q: What happens if the girl i really liked didn’t turn up?

Unfortunately it’s out of our control. Girls can cancel at very short notice and we find it equally as frustrating. Do not express your anger or frustration with the hosts as it is not our fault and our rules are we don’t refund for replacement girls.

Q: I feel shy and insecure about my body, is everyone in shape?

Everyone who attends our Parties come in all shapes and sizes and there is zero judgement! We celebrate different bodies at our parties!

Q: I’m too nervous to approach the girls

That’s okay! Ruby will happily chat to anyone shy or nervous and help them approach the girls

Q: What do i wear?

Birthday suit or Cosplay, whatever you like!

Q: Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, we are strict with numbers as we want great ratios! So we have to know numbers in advance (smaller deposits are possible)

Q: Am I too old?

NO. The girls love older men 😉

Q: Do I bring condoms?

No, We supply all the condoms! 🙂